Supporter portal beta II

We've been working to design a supporter portal where donors and members can log in and take care of routine tasks without emailing or calling you. Use this page to learn about the new features.

Want to test out these features in your nation? We can add these features to your nation. Simply send an email to [email protected] with your nation slug.

After watching the video and or testing please let us know your thoughts here 

Testing already? find more detail on how to configure your portal here.

With the new supporter portal, your donors can:

  • see all of their active recurring donations
  • edit the payment method on file for any active recurring donation (NationBuilder Payments only)  
  • cancel their recurring donations

With the new supporter portal, your members can:

  • see all of their memberships, past and present 
  • can update the payment method used to pay dues for a given membership (NationBuilder Payments only) 
  • can cancel their memberships (which, for paid memberships, will be canceled at the end of their current term) 

Become a Beta tester by sending an email with your nation slug(s) to [email protected] and let us know that you’d like your nation(s) be included! 

Need help configuring your portal for testing? Click here for instructions

Don't have time to set this up in your Nation? Watch the walk through video and leave us your thoughts in the survey below